First of all, welcome on our site about our Bordeaux Dogs.

Since 1992 we adore this marvellous breed. What started out with one dog grew out to an entire pack. At this moment we are the proud possessors of five Bordeaux Dogs: one dog and four bitches

Our dogs all live together with us in the same house. Our senior is Kyara an seven-year-old bitch, out of our first breed of dogs. Her father was Kadous, a giant that left us at the age of seven.

Royaume’ five years old is a son of Kathos, bread by Kennel “van Douvergenhout” one of the oldest Bordeaux Dog Breeders in The Netherlands. He is a very strong dog, his life is only fun.

April 2005 our female Koral “La Croix Valmer” is born. Parents: Kyara “La Croix Valmer” and Royaume van Douvergenhout.

May 2006 Krevette and Kameh `La Croix Valmer`are born out of Kyara “La Croix Valmer” and Moby de Legeane.

At the moment Koral gave birth of her first litter. 6 Puppy´s has born on 12 july.
The father is Kobus de Legeane.

Since Kadous we enjoyed performing with our dogs at exhibitions. In the meanwhile our dogs won lots of championships, national and international.

All of our dogs get an x-ray to examine them for HD and ED.
If you are a pure fanatic of this breed and if you want to meet our dogs in ‘real life’, you can contact us at any time to make an appointment.